At some point in your career you will have to speak at an event or to a group of people.

Banana Sweater winter Boutique Silk Pullover Republic That group could be your colleagues, customers, employer, or even potential investors!

It's a great opportunity to be heard, showcase yourself, and your work.

You're excited, but there are butterflies in your stomach.

Like many people, you worry about:

  • Having something unique to say
  • Not being a so-called "expert"
  • Being new to your industry or job role
  • Audiences tuning out while you speak
  • Impressing your peers or your boss
  • Having a vibrant presence
  • Your nerves getting the best of you
  • Sweaty palms, shaky legs, a crackly voice

So what can you really do? You have two options:

  • Option 1Panic and hide under your desk.
  • Option 2Learn how to present like a pro!

The ultimate public speaking guide from tech speakers Poornima Vijayashanker and Karen Catlin who will teach you how to:

Blazer Le Boutique Boutique Suit winter winter 6Xwv7zzq and is an avid public speaker who gives talks around the world on topics ranging from engineering to entrepreneurship. She has a monthly web show called FemgineerTV sponsored by Pivotal Tracker. Watch the show and a number of her talks on the Femgineer YouTube Channel.

Poornima has also been an entrepreneur-in- residence at 500 Startups, a lecturer at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering, and the founding engineer at, where she helped build, launch, and scale the product until its acquisition in 2009.

Poornima holds degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering.

Boutique Boutique Merona Cardigan winter Boutique winter Merona Cardigan 5qwBIYp Karen is on the Board of Directors of The CLUB, an incubator of women leaders. Through Brown University Women's Launch Pad, she mentors young women about to start their careers.

Formerly, Karen was a vice president at Adobe Systems. In 2015, the California State Assembly honored her with the Wonder Women Tech Innovator Award for outstanding achievements in business and technology and for being a role model for women.

Karen holds a degree in Computer Science from Brown University, and is on the Advisory Board for Brown's Computer Science Diversity Committee.