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Loss of a Spouse/Partner  Hosted by Grief Expert David Kessler

The loss of a spouse partner Is often one of the hardest losses we will encounter. We intellectually understand that some day our parents will die. However when the loss of a spouse occurs.our lives turn upside down. It can often be hard to get your footing again. Hopefully in time, you will build a find solid ground again. The information provided on this site, such as text and video is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical care or medical advice and is not a replacement for medical care or mental health care.

1. Can We Attend Bereavement Groups as a Family?    
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2. How Long Should I Wait Before Dating Again?    
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3. How Do I Handle Anniversaries Without My Spouse?    
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4. Are There Ways We Can Memorialize My Spouse at Home?    
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5. Are There Support Groups That Will Help Me Cope With the Loss of My Spouse ?
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6. How To Talk To Your Children About The Death Of Their Parent?    
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7. How To Memorialize Your Child At Home    
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8. How To Heal Your Marriage After Losing A Child    
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9. How To Explain The Death Of Your Child To Your Other Children
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10. Who in my Childs Life Should be Notified about a death?
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11. What Professional Resources are Available to Help my Child In Grieve?
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12. What Are the Warning Signs my Child Needs Professional Help with Grief?
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Grief Resources

Bereavement groups often offer individuals an important opportunity to be with others as they allow their grief to heal.  Read More.

Children in Grief

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Children read our feelings and mirror our emotions. Soaking up reassurance or fear, love or hate, safety or danger.  Read More.

Grief & Holidays

When you have lost someone special, your world losses its celebratory qualities. Holidays only magnify the loss.  Read More.

Dealing with Pain

Each person has his or her own beliefs about pain and pain behaviors. What are your beliefs about pain?  Read More.

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